Brain Sync–Listen your way to a New Life

 Binaural Beats with -Brain Sync- will change your life.

Listen while You Sleep or Meditate and Feel Your Life Transform.

There was a point in my life where I decided something had to give. I needed to change the way I was trying to find success. I had read every law of attraction, self-help & motivational book I could find and I still felt stuck. The thing of it is, I really did feet like I was making progress, like I was building a foundation of know how. But somehow, I would stop just before things got going good. I was not scared of success. Quite the opposite really, I had made up my mind and I was starving for it. But I had an ingrained belief that I was not made for success and it was over-ruling all of my effort. Then I discovered Binaural Beats with–Brain Sync.

Binaural beats can change your life-

In any area that you feel you can improve. If you read my last two Positive Success posts (8 Practices to–Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life & Do you Need a College Degree) and you have done everything to gear your life for Success but things are still not coming together for you. That is okay. I have been there and changing how you think and actively becoming a success are not as easy as they sound. If you haven’t read those posts, that is okay, I won’t hold it against you. It’s not too late to read them.

Brain SyncWhat should you know about binaural beats?

First there are programs that offer you to make them yourself and many places to get them. Brain Sync is where I get mine and I experience and feel unbelievable success. Kelly Howell’s Brain Sync audios are recognized by the Mayo Clinic, several scientific endorsements and are clinically proven.

How does it Work?

Discovered in 1839 by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Dove found that when a different sound signal was heard by each ear the brains response is to make a third signal that is the difference of the two sound frequencies. Your brains response is the binaural beat. Sending different sound vibrations to each hemisphere allows for higher consciousness and mental states to be reached.

We all have unique brain wave activity patterns that we have developed over time and through habit. Brain Sync’s audio programs develop new patterns and expand frequencies while giving you optimal benefits to meet your goals and find success. Binaural beats and their ability to enhance brain functioning have been medically studied and tested since 1973.

There are 5 different audio frequency levels. You can choose from a variety of  listening options so that you can best connect and get the benefits you are seeking.

Brain Sync

Sound frequency to binaural beat example

right ear210 hz – left ear— 200 hz = 10 hz binaural beat Alpha brain frequency response.


  • Delta 0.1 hz–4 hz: slowest brain wave frequency relieves insomnia, promotes healing, reaches and prepares for subconscious change
  • Theta 4 hz–8 hz: twilight stage between awake and asleep increases memory, deep meditation, and gain needed inspiration
  • Alpha 8 hz–14 hz: Intense level that will reduce stress, enhance awareness, improve sleep & mood, access creativity, and a heightened sense of well-being
  • Beta 14 hz–30 hz: Your mind is alert and ready boosting alertness, energy & focus
  • Gamma 30 hz–50 hz: fastest brain wave frequency and relieves depression, ADD/ADHD, improves physical performance, clarity and concentration

Brain Sync


Binaural beats are worth developing the habit of getting them into your routine. I could feel a difference after the first time I used them. I cannot fully explain the feeling I got that first time other than I felt light, refreshed and inspired. It was like what Oprah calls an Ah-Ha moment. I just knew my life was now on the right track and I just jumped in the express lane to boot. It is just amazing to me the transformation you feel and it begins in your sleep.

You can try it out now for free by signing up for 4 free downloads under Free Guided Meditation by clicking on this image.

Brain Sync

Who is Kelly Howell?

Kelly Howell is a pioneer in guided meditation and binaural beat frequency audio technology. A 6-time National Bestselling audio author of the most advanced brainwave audio programs available today.  She has more than thirty years experience in personal transformation and mind expansion technology.

Note: Brain Sync is meant to promote wellness but is not a treatment nor meant to cure any medical condition(s). Binaural beats should only be used while you are meditating or at rest. Do Not use while active, driving or using heavy machinery. If you have a history of experiencing  seizures, have an auditory disorder or other related medical disorders consult your doctor or a medical professional BEFORE you use or listen to Brain Sync binaural beats. If you experience unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately stop use. All claims whether expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.

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