Building Writing Confidence

Building writing confidence–

6 — Blogging Tricks:

There are two factors you want to know about when it comes to writing an–Affiliate Marketing Blog.

  1. You want to know what you are talking about.
    1. Passionate about your niche choice.
    2. Enjoy what you are doing and talking about.
  2. You want to attract readers with a voice of authority.
    1. Be You
    2. Use Active Voice

First, when you are passionate and enjoy what you are talking about then it is no longer work. When writing your blog doesn’t feel like work it is easier to put more time into it. The more time you put in the more experience you will have in using it to make YOU MONEY!

-Building Writing Confidence-

Confidence is Key!

Let’s start–Building writing confidence. When you have Confidence it will show in your writing. Expressing that Confidence in your words will help your Blog stand out and bring you traffic. I will give you some simple guidelines to follow so that your Writing Matches Your Intention. As you keep these simple tricks in mind they will become second nature and you will not have to think about it as much

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Willing is not enough, we must do.”–Bruce Lee

When You Know Better–You Do Better

Building Writing Confidence

One of the big fears of building a blog is a lack of confidence with your own writing.

Let’s take a step to change that.

Building writing confidence:

Be You

When someone happens upon your blog because they are interested in what you are interested in and want to know what you know. It should feel like you are talking right to them.

Be Friendly

Do not write when you are in a bad mood (unless it has a reason like your blog theme). THEY WILL KNOW and just like in face to face situations, when that happens, we tend to quit listening or reading.

Have Fun

Enjoy your passion. You have an audience that wants to know all you know about your niche. YOUR NICHE IS THEIR NICHE! No more rolling eyes or deep breathes because you are talking about that again. You have a captive audience!

Let it All Out

When you start planning and developing the way your blog is going to go it is easy to want to get your planning just right in your mind first. Planning is good but it can hold you back from moving forward. I like to use pen and paper or Microsoft Word and when I have all those fresh ideas I just let it out, get it all down. Anything and everything I can come up with. Then when I write my blog post I have inspired content and I can focus more on making the blog post look pretty than coming up with what to say next.


If you don’t know every angle about your niche do not let that scare you away from creating your blog or a certain post. You do not want to fluff the information either. Your readers will know that too and you will lose some authority. Use the internet, get to know your market, talk to people, use it as an opportunity to talk about your blog and ask what else people want to know about your niche (example: creating content from keywords). Since you are passionate about your niche this part is fun. When you apply all of that into your writing YOU will be the go to AUTHORITY!

Using an Active Voice–To Be or Not To Be

Not as intimidating as it seems, trust me on this. When using an Active Voice your writing becomes clear and authoritative. Sentence structure is important and using an active voice instead of a passive one will make Your Writing ATTRACTIVE and Show Your CONFIDENCE about your Niche.

-Building Writing Confidence-

To Be Verbs are what make a sentence Passive

These are the To Be Verbs and word combinations that you want to avoid

TO BE                         TO BE BEING           TO HAVE BEEN

AM (going to be)        AM (being)                 HAVE (been)

IS (going to be)           IS (being)                    HAS (been)

ARE (going to be)      ARE (being)               HAD (been)

WAS (going to be)     WAS (being)              WILL (have been)

WERE (going to be)   WERE (being)

SHALL (be)

WILL (be)

Example sentences showing how you can reword Passive voice to an Active Voice.

  • I am going to be walking to the store. (passive)
  • I am going to the store. (active)


  • The book is being read by the Online Book Club. (passive)
  • The Online Book Club is reading the book. (active)


  • Being sure which camera to buy can be a hard decision to make. (passive)
  • Looking for a camera? The Fujifilm XT10 is the camera to choose. (active)


  • Have you been having a hard time picking your next cell phone? (passive)
  • The Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge delivers everything you need in your next cell phone. (active)


Don’t forget that sometimes you may not be able to come up with a better way to put your wording. That is okay, don’t stress on it. If you avoid using the passive voice whenever possible then Your writing will be Stronger for it. The more you do it the easier it will become.

Oh, I want to add that there are definitely times where you can play with passive/active voice in your blogs to show past/present situations to make your point stand out. Which is easier when you can recognize and know how you are using language.


  • Have you been the victim of online scams that were promising to make you rich? (passive)
  • Wealthy Affiliate gives you an online education opportunity to succeed and with a FREE starter membership you get to try before you buy. (active)

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below–or you can contact me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile here.

6 thoughts on “Building Writing Confidence”

  1. Hi Sayra,

    Great article – and clear as crystal on the passive vs. active voice. Really interesting, and something I’ll definitely keep in mind when writing!

    All the best,

    Dr. K.

  2. Hi Sayra,
    Great advice on the need to use the active voice while writing and it makes a lot of sense the active voice would be more clear and authoritative.

    Thanks for the insight.

  3. Hi Sayra,

    This article really drives home the need to use ones ‘active voice’. You have given me several tips that I intend to start using right away.

    Thank you!

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