Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

How to–Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life
And Get on–the Road to Success!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” –Mahatma Gandhi

So. What are Your Beliefs?

        • Do you believe you will be successful?
        • Do believe you can succeed?
        • What does successful mean to you?

Positive thinking to change your life– Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life –

I believe that what we think, believe and feel has a direct connection to how we react to situations in our lives. It is a cycle. A cycle that we have the ability to control even in situations that are out of our control.

It is so easy to hear, see, react, talk about and internalize negative occurrences. Negativity is celebrated and it seems part of the human condition to be drawn to it, to talk about it. Which means we are thinking it and living it.

In addition, we are constantly told that we will not be our best until we have The Next Great Thing. The problem is that thing is always changing and we begin believing….

“Yes, I will, can, want to do that but I only can when I have ______.”

– Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life –

“I’ve heard of Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
But I’ve never heard of Someday”–Reverend Ike

If you are stuck thinking of Someday you become your greatest Enemy blocking the path to success. The truth is inside–right beside your desire and dreams–You know you can follow through with living the positive fulfilling life that ‘seems’ just out of reach.

“YOU are your worst enemy.
It is your negative thoughts that hold you back,
nothing else”–Leon Brown

      • So how do you begin thinking differently? Seriously, How?
      • Why does it feel scary?
      • Why is it so hard?
      • I have tried and it just reminds me that things don’t work out for me.

Can you relate or have you thought any of these?

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

  Here is the thing, All of your success that you desire is right there ready for you to take that one more step.
Success is already Yours!

8 Practices to–Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life:

      • Forgive Yourself.


      • When you go to bed come up with 1-5 things you are happy and grateful for. The more the better. I know that there are times you just may only be happy that the day is over but that is one. Build from that. As positive thoughts become part of your routine it will become easier.


      • When you wake up tell yourself, your significant other, your kids, your roommate, anyone…”Today is a good day” and say it with a smile, it won’t hurt I promise. When you greet people tell them “It is a Great day today“. And, when you say goodbye tell them “Its a Great day, talk to you later”. When you say it with a smile it is believable even if your not feeling it yet. Soon, you will be believing it and living with a more positive outlook.


      • In conversations or throughout the day take note of anything positive. If the discussion or your surroundings are negative you can still find something positive and let that stand out in your mind. Hold on to it even if its just for a moment.


      • If something happens that seems difficult or against you. Remember, that happened because bigger and better things have been waiting for you. It may not feel that way in the moment but if you focus on bigger and better while moving forward the doors will open.


      • Forgive others. Not for them, for you. You do not have to have them in your life to forgive them unless you choose. Feeling or holding negative feelings toward someone does not hurt them, it hurts you. It blocks positive feeling, thinking and living from your life. Do not give others control over you and your happiness.


      • When you catch yourself thinking negatively or reliving difficult times, it is okay, old habits can be hard to break. Forgive yourself and say or think “I am not that person anymore. I am grateful for the success in my life.” Keep saying it until you feel the negative feelings lift off your mind and heart. Repeat as needed.


      • Get outside. even if it is just a few minutes. Sit on your porch, go for a walk/jog, go to a park, shoot some hoops, play a sport with others. Live in the moment!

With practice these become easier and it is then easier to add traditional exercises given for changing how you think to become a Success. Adding them will increase your progress with thinking and living toward your Success Goals.

          • Learn to meditate
          • Eat Healthy
          • Exercise
          • Get together with other positive people
          • Keep a gratitude journal

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

Think Positive and You Will Begin to Live Positive.

Be the Boss of who you are. You can–even when you don’t want to. Change your Thoughts, Change your Actions/Reactions, Change your Values. Choose the Destiny that is awaiting You. It is already Yours.

If you are looking for more information on changing your thinking to change your life and finding success I recommend: Russell Simmons with Chris Morrow’s book–Do You! 12 laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success

Your destiny can change and grow with you and the passions you have in your life to fulfill your dreams and success. It may change but it will never leave you. Your Destiny is Waiting for You.

Don’t Give Up I Believe In You

The definition of Success is different for Everyone.
Believe in Yours.
Take Action to Live it.

“The way you think either stands in your way
or assists you in
achieving your goals.”–Michael Arndt

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  1. Sayra this is fabulous! It is very helpful to confirm all this information. You can’t hear positive and enlightening message to much. You are a very conscious and spiritually insightful person. Do you read a lot of books on this subject?
    All the best
    cheers Debbie

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