Choosing a Niche Market

What is a niche?

1. A position or activity that suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make their own.
2. A small area of the market that specializes in one type of product or service.
according to Urban Dictionary

A niche is what you are passionate about. What you enjoy doing and talking about and using it to make you money. Yep, it sounds complicated but it is that simple. I am sure you now have a growing list of ideas in your mind of all the things you just love and how to categorize them as a niche.

Discovering your niche and turning it into your career is, I think safe to say,

Everyone’s Dream Job.

Choosing a Niche Market

Choosing a Niche MarketAre you still feeling overwhelmed on choosing the one niche that is right for your online business? I want to mention that if you are familiar with shopping on Amazon and know the millions of items available there, you can choose any item from there to focus on.

Amazon has an affiliate program which you can find more about here. There are also many other affiliate programs out there that you may find suit you better. With a little searching I am positive you will find one that will fit you and your niche.

Now that you have some ideas let’s take a look at how You can make MONEY with your niche.

The first step is narrowing your niche. You do this because it makes what you have to say a voice of authority which will strengthen your audience.

A few Examples of how to narrow your niche

Choosing a Niche Market
  1. Photography =
    1. Cameras
    2. Cannon cameras
  2. Gardening =
    1. Lawn care
    2. Perennial flower care in the North West
    3. Growing your own food
  3. Education =
    1. Teach your toddler to read
    2. Making math fun
    3. Writing essays
  4. Fashion =
    1. Dress for success
    2. Teen athletic wear

Dont be scared that you will limit your audience there is more than a billion people using the internet looking to find authoritative content. You want to be the authority they find. If your information is too broad your content will feel like it didn’t have a lot of thought that went into it.

Choosing a Niche Market

When You Are the Go To Authority of Your Niche

You can have Unlimited Success!


Now that you have narrowed your niche the next step is to research how others look for the information they want to know about your niche.

Your Niche is their Niche!

When you know how they are searching you will know how to get traffic to your website.


So how do you do the research?

Choosing a Niche Market

We will start with Google. Every time you search the internet with Google or any other search engine you will see a drop down of suggestions that changes as you type. Those suggestions are how others are frequently searching for the same or similar information.

If you prefer Yahoo or Bing that is okay too they will give you similar results for what we are doing to begin our research.

Play around with this by re-wording and re-phrasing questions about your niche and noting the other options/suggestions that drop down.


  1. What is the best camera for action photos?
  2. Are Fujifilm cameras any good?
  3. How to use my Fujifilm XT10
  4. How many megapixels should a camera have?


By doing this you are getting into the head of your audience and how they search. It will Give You the Power to direct them to you and your website. You will also discover the many angles and options you will have when discussing your niche giving you endless possibilities for future growth.

Choosing a Niche Market

There are also specialized research programs that will provide you with powerful information. You will want to take the suggestions you came up with in your search engine and put them into a keyword tool so that you can see how much competition those keywords have and more. has amazing capabilities providing you with information like

  1. How many times a month your keyword (key phrase) is searched.
  2. How much competition there is for that search
  3. Suggestions for similar searches
  4. Create and save lists
  5. And more

And, Jaaxy is FREE to sign up –NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED- and allows you 30 searches to become familiar with their service.



You also want to remember the goal with internet marketing. Rather you are taking it on part-time or full-time. Being an affiliate has a built in goal that, when actively applied, can make all the difference in your outcome.

We Are Here to Help

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To Create an Experience that not only Will Be Remembered

but Will Feel Good too

To Learn more about Researching and Building a blog to make money continue with my blog: How to know your target audience.

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Wealthy Affiliate premium membership also includes a built in keyword tool that provides results pretty close to the amazing Jaaxy service. I have found the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool is a reliable and powerful tool when doing my research.

Questions and comments are welcome. You can also contact me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile here.


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