Do I need a College Degree to be Successful

Is a College Degree Needed for Success?do i need a college degree to be successful

If you are asking this you either have personal doubts or You Know You Can–but people keep telling you that it isn’t possible.

Are you asking yourself–Do I need a College Degree to be Successful?

Let me ask you this–Are you promised success when you go to college?

What is it that makes someone a success?

  I think it is You that makes You a Success.

Do I need a college degree to be successful?–Only you can answer that. Let’s find out more:

I don’t think it is something easily answered for everyone. I think that college is wonderful. But they teach you skills. They do not teach you HOW to be Successful. And they do not teach you how to be Successful being You! Success requires personality traits that make all the difference. You can find your traits that give you success and remove your doubts. You will no longer be asking yourself–Do I need a college degree to be successful. Because, You will be Living It! Your success is waiting for you.

Don’t be scared by that statement. Let it empower you. You have what it takes! The way you think and behave is up to you. Even when the going is tough–You decide if what you are working for is worth it. Is it worth it? Blake Boles’ book Better than College: How to build a successful life without a four year degree, gives steps to take and guidance for options outside of attending college.

Let me tell you something. Even after college (BA in English Literature + some) Success was never something I ever really thought of in terms of myself. It was something other people had and I was content believing I didn’t have it. I cannot say why, I just know that it wasn’t until I was 30 that I realized that success is mine- if I want it. It is already mine and success is already yours. We just have to take it. So, Stop asking yourself–Do I need a college degree to be Successful.

Take Action-

I started reading books, listening to audio-books, and watching videos–everything I could, including: self-help, law of attraction, motivational, binaural beats, entrepreneur business, and auto-biography success stories. Wow, can reading and learning from others that wanted and got success empower you. Really absorbing the information and how it applies to you in your life is the key.

Don’t allow past thinking or circumstances to get in your way of today’s success. We all have amazingly hard times in our lives maybe even a few dirty secrets. But today is different. Today you are going to become a Success! James Altucher’ book Choose Yourself: Be happy-make millions-live the dream, can give you guidance for transforming yourself and finding success.

Every day is a Success if you did everything toward that goal. Work it and live it. It doesn’t have to be labor intensive physically. That one was hard for me. It can be learning to think positive. Overcoming fears. Discovering what you are passionate about. Learning how that passion, any passion, can make you money. We all have a gift and that gift has a way of making you a Success.

Do I need a college degree to be a Success–Or, Can I be self taught?

If you have not paid for an education look into teaching yourself. Read and Learn everything you can. Maybe you do not need an education for what you want to do. You may only need a semester or two of business classes.

Or, You might only need to take some seminars or some free adult education courses. Start out by reading all can to Learn and it will only cost you the amount of the books or use the public library. Then decide if a college degree is what you need to find Success.

If you have already paid for a college degree utilize those skills to get what it is that you want now. I know more people that have college degrees that do not work in the field that they went to college for then I do the other way around. So, You just might be here because you are looking for something other than the degree you earned. You can find the Success that you are looking for. It is waiting for you. Success is already Yours.

What are you willing to do to get that dream job. The one that will make work not feel like work. The one that provide you with the ability to have all your needs met. Are you willing to start at the bottom. Work any job beneath where you want to be. To move your way up you will need to dress the part and no matter the position you have be positive and pleasant to every person you have contact with. And smile too. Russell Simmons shares some stories on this in his book Super Rich: a guide to having it all.

Success is Already Yours

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? To Be your own boss. Work from anywhere. Are you self motivated. Willing to work? To really work for it! Can you view every life situation as an opportunity for your dream to meet reality. Then taking action, staying positive, staying motivated, dressing the part and taking advantage of any and all learning opportunities is where you need to be. You will feel it as it begins to come together. Russell Simmons’ Super Rich also talks about entrepreneurship. Chris Widener’s The Art of Influence is about a self made billionaire sharing his secrets to success.

A secret that I have done is to look up colleges and look at the degrees they offer. I look into degrees that I am interested in and they often give you a lay out of the classes you will need to attend to get that degree. Then I see if they offer reading/material lists for those courses in their campus store. Some will offer this or even old course syllabus’s that give you the reading order–then you are reading the same material as the degree you are interested in. The trick is to remember to read the material with as many open minded views as possible. That is what the college class will do–it will get you to think of the material in new ways to expand your knowledge.

Do I need a College Degree to be Successful?

You can only find that out for you. Learn about what it is that You Want. Success is already Yours–Take It!

Success comes from not giving up and living like you already have it.

Believe Believe Believe

Never Quit Learning

Take Action



do i need a college degree to be a success

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