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Name: Freelancer
Price: Varies, 5 levels—Free to 59.95 month
Owners: Robert Matthew “Matt” Barrie
Overall Rank: 59 out of 100

Who is

Freelancer –works two ways. People, Businesses, Corporations, Professionals, anyone can post work they want done and a price they will pay, either hourly or at a set price. Freelance writers browse through the wide variety of writing jobs posted and select the jobs they like. When their work is accepted it can be ranked and good rankings give more opportunities. Freelancer has 19,598,857 registered users and 9,296,504 jobs posted as stated on their website (June 2016). They have received Awards and Recognition for the company and service, including—Matt Barrie was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Dynamic Business magazine in 2010. Freelancer is based in Sydney Australia.

Freelancer page

The Good:

  • Work from anywhere with internet connection
  • Easy to sign up
  • Try before you buy and affordable membership plans
  • Find and choose work on your schedule
  • Large variety of work (data entry, translations, marketing, science, ghost writing, and more)
  • Large company recognized globally
  • Users that give Positive Reviews


The Bad:

  • To access bidding on more freelance jobs must have paid membership
  • Free membership is a one month trial
  • Users give Bad Reviews about payments delayed or blocked after certain large amounts are earned
  • Reports of poor communication for assistance after money has been blocked
  • Little training. Expected to know what you are doing from the start.

Who is Freelancer for

Freelancer gives opportunity for individuals that need a flexible schedule but can follow a deadline when accepting work assignments. There are a variety of writing tasks that can meet your strengths.

Tools, Training & Support

Freelancer has a ‘support’ link in the footer where you can find a lot of help based on the basics you need and frequently asked questions. There you will also find a chat now button and a system for sending direct messages. Freelancer also has two apps (mobile & desktop) to assist you with your workflow and receiving notifications.


Freelancer prices


Final Thoughts

I gave Freelancer 59% out of 100%. I do not believe them to be a scam but they do have some internal issues. The issues are related to already earned money. This is a big deal in my opinion. I have two suggestions.

One is to thoroughly research and understand the Freelancer system before and at sign up. And research how they handle issues that arise, contact them or read responses in poor reviews. Follow reviews and dates of the reviews both good and bad by searching them on the internet. I found both good and bad reviews on and bad ones with, for some places to start. Also, just by googling reviews for Freelancer, or any other prospective online job, you will get many results to read up on. An informed decision is always a good one.

Second, is if you do sign up consider using them for making extra cash and don’t depend on them as your main source of income. Unless, you have the ropes down and have put your time and experience into their program. They are a large company with many people participating. I would hope that because they value that, they will improve the issues that arise for those participating.

If I learn more about I will share the information by adding it here.

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4 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. Hi Sayra,

    Nice review, and you’re right before giving away your money you have to research. BTW, I thought when you’re writing, any form of writing, you will earn, just a thought.

    Anyway, thanks for the review and nice site too.

    1. Merns,

      Thank you and yes, I they have many options to get work for in any writing area that you may do.


  2. Good review, I was just looking at them the other day and was starting research today. I see a lot of these sites that offer money for writing. It can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad. From wht I have seen most of them should only be for experienced writers. Writers who already have an education in writing and are looking for some freelace work. These aer definately not for the novice. You should always research before you commit to giving your money to anyone.

    Thanks for the review and I will keep in in mind during my research

    1. Adam,

      Glad I could be of help in your research. Yes, researching the good and the bad is necessary if the plan is to invest personal time or money into any online business/job.

      Best of Success,

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