Grammarly–What does it do?

I see Grammarly advertised all over the internet these days.

  • What does Grammarly do?
  • How does Grammarly work?
  • Is it difficult to use?
  • What does it really check for?
  • Does it cost anything?
  • What is the hitch?


Is an online auto checker for anything you write. You simply download it to your browser and as you are writing you will see the little green arrow spinning next to your text. It is letting you know that whatever you write will be correct. You will not only spell correctly but it checks for punctuation, too. No more misspelled words or run-on sentences. Sign up here.

And, that is just the free version. If you are a serious writer, student or blogger there are different levels of membership that offer you more.


The system is so simple to use because you simply add it to your browser and that is it. It just kicks right in when you start typing anywhere on the internet. You will recognize it working with the little green spinning G next to your text. The things they can check for are just about limitless when you upgrade. When it comes to writing, so if you hold yourself back because of your insecurity in your writing skills this has been made for you.








Start using GRAMMARLY today for FREE and see if it is what you are missing.

Grammarly builds confidence and can open doors you once thought were closed. You no longer have to let your writing skills hold you back. You can write what you mean to say.

Express your Knowledge and Thoughts clearly so that you no longer stand out because of your poor grammar. Instead, what you write will be easily understood.

Perfect for ESL writers

Misspelled words-Not a problem. Run-on sentences that quit making sense–Not a problem. No more worries about sentence structure. Plagiarism is not a worry. And the grammar police-hah.


There is no hitch, you can use it for Free. You only need to upgrade if you do a lot of writing and realize how much you depend on Grammarly and want to use it more than just in your internet writing.

Start using Grammarly for FREE Today (sign up here). You will see how simple it is to use and it will become a necessity before you share your writing–texts, essays, social media, blogs–Grammarly has you covered.

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