How can a college student make money

How can a college student make money – Online.


School is in. And the struggle is real to have a little spending cash while you are a college student. So–how can a college student make money?  There are the typical ways. Sign up for a work study position on campus or find a part-time job off campus, that will understand your hours. Either one, you are adjusting your schedule to fit someone else’s and trying to fit your life in too.

how can a college student make money

So, What are some ways to make some money that can be done on your time with your schedule? There are many online opportunities that work on your schedule and can provide you with varying amounts of spending cash.

Online Opportunities are everywhere but here are some that will get you started–

Fast cash with little effort and little $

How can a college student make money
  • Slice the Pie–Write music reviews for up and coming artists. Find out more HERE.
  • Qmee–Make money while you shop the internet or do short 10-20 minute surveys. Find out more HERE.

how can a college student make money

Some effort but more $$

How can a college student make money
  • StaffHunts–Freelance writing jobs
  • Freelancer–Freelance writing jobs. Find out more HERE.
  • You can find other writing jobs by signing up for the Freedom with Writing newsletter. No BS just writing opportunities.
  • Amazon Turk–outsource platform for small tasks. However, there are some scams on there so just DO NOT give any personal information (email, name, address, credit info, etc.) to any job offer. They do not need that information other than to possibly scam you. Just signing up within Amazon Turk is all the personal info you give–just the once.

how can a college student make money

Time and Effort — Potential $$$

How can a college student make money
  • Etsy–sell something you make
  • Ebay–sell your old stuff or buy at a bargain (garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores) and resell.
  • Affiliate Marketing–build a blog

how can a college student make money


My Number One Recommendation is Affiliate Marketing. It does require some dedication and work but after you get the foundation and a routine it has endless potential. All you need is a passion or some know how on a topic that you can write about. Then you find an affiliate program that is related to your niche. Nowadays everyone looks up everything online looking for what others experience is or has been. The information you provide will provide and guide people to make informed decisions before they choose to do or buy something.

If you have room in your schedule for one more class and you want to make money online then, Wealthy Affiliate University is for You. Find out more by reading This Review.



Now you know, you don’t have to be broke while in college. You also don’t have to try and fit into someone else’s schedule while balancing your classes and homework. You can use your time in college investing in yourself and your future.



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