How to know your target audience

Learn–How to know your target audience.

Niche Marketing tips–

Now that you have chosen a Niche there are two things you must know–

  1. Your Audience
  2. Your Competition

Together these make your niche market. So want to find out-how to know your target audience? This is where you study, twist, turn and analyze your passion so that it will make you money. You have to know what it is people (your audience) want to know about your niche. When you know what they want then your information becomes more profitable than just selling an item. You will be an Authority that they trust.

Your passion will give you the endurance
–the drive–
to keep working

Knowing Your Audience & Market
will give You Success that Pays

– How to know your Target Audience –

You will need tools to make this all come together. When you get the hang of how to do your research and start getting results it becomes fun–instead of work. And you will find that Every Niche, no matter what it is you choose, can have money making possibilities.

Ask yourself these questions as you do your research

  • Are there issues that you can answer?
  • How to’s you can give?
  • Comparisons you can offer?
  • Experience you can share?

The key to online marketing is offering Valuable Information
That Your Audience Wants to Know

How to know your target audience:

Your domain name.

Well you will, of course, need a website. You want your domain to ‘work’ for you. You want it to catch the attention of your target audience. Not just on the internet but also when you talk to people about it. Take a look here


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How to know your target audience


With Google trends you can see what is popular in google searches. You see if the popularity is rising or going down and can give a lift to how you choose your keywords.

With Google correlate you can look deeper into searches and find out when searches rise or go down if it is season or event related. This helps your timing for creating posts that  are relevant and fresh. It will also benefit both you and your audience.

With Google consumer surveys you have the ability to find out what the people visiting your site feel about your website. If they got what they expected. This will give you information that will have you always improving what and how you offer information for your niche market.

– How to know your Target Audience –

Why are Keywords Important

Keywords are important because they put you one step ahead of your target audience. When you know how they are searching and how frequently–you will have the benefit of having your content ready and waiting with the answers they are looking for.

With a strong keyword engine you will have access to competition numbers, traffic, search history, data analysis, create lists & more. This access lets you get a clear look at both your audience and your competition.

You will also want to do your own searches using the keywords you found to check out your competition and how they do what they do. You do not want to copy what they do but you can get ideas, expand on what they have in your own words, etc. The first three results of your search are your top competitors and where you are aiming to be.

There are powerful keyword tools that will cost you money. The two I am going to talk about allow you try before you decide to buy.

Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool is available to members

  • 30 searches for free members
  • unlimited searches for premium members
  • results for searches, competition, traffic & create lists.

Jaaxy keyword

  • free 30 searches & training
  • $19 Pro version-unlimited searches, competition, multi-tabbed search, create lists, training & more
  • $49 Executive version-unlimited searches, competition, multi-tabbed search, create lists, data sorting, training & more

In my opinion Jaaxy offers the most powerful keyword tool and you will want it in your tool bag. If you can get it–do. Or, start by trying it for free.

The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool is also very powerful and will give you results that will make a difference in your work. Join Wealthy Affiliate University’s Free starter membership to try out the keyword tool.

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  1. Sayra,

    This is a great article to help the new or struggling entrepreneur research a niche. Some of the tools you mentioned I have never heard of. I’ll be checking out the Google Survey tool for sure. The free website tool is a breeze to use plus a free domain. How cool is that! Keyword research has always been a struggle for me, I found the tools you mentioned very helpful. Thanks for a great and helpful article.

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