How to make money selling ideas

8 Steps on– How to make Money Selling Ideas

Keep Your Online Business Fresh! Have a Creative Plan for Coming up with New and Original Ideas!

How to make money selling ideas

These are some of the common suggestions for online money making ideas. So how do you go about turning these ideas into positive success? How to make money selling ideas–



No matter the area of the market that you have chosen–creating Fresh New Ideas for your niche that will keep your work getting noticed can be hard. You want your work and success to see tomorrow long into the future.

There is always a way to make your work stand out–

You have to train yourself to look at your surroundings with new eyes. When you see your surroundings from many angles your writing will reflect your new knowledge.

“I like work; it fascinates me.
I can sit and look at it for hours.”
–Jerome K. Jerome

Create New Ideas

“The problem is the solution”–Bill Mollison

How to make money selling ideas:

  • Help others
  • Watch everyday moments
  • Look from other people’s point of view
  • Pick up on suggestions (even little ones)
  • Consider real life situations
  • Look for everyday problems
  • Research online
  • Re-think everything

Help Others

This is #1!! Do not lose sight of helping your target audience. They are who you work for. Success comes when they are your focus. Not when making money is the focus. Helping others will bring you money. Not in a get rich fast scheme but Real Lasting Money and Success.

Everyday Moments

Have you ever had moments where you think–
“This would be so much easier if I could ______!” We all have, and if you can turn that thought, That Idea, into a new angle you are on to something good. If you have thought it others have too. And we all want things and ideas for improving our everyday life.

Points of View

Maybe you cannot seem to come up with ideas that will benefit your niche. You can all the time, when your not working on it, but right now–nothing. To get those ideas moving again consider other points of view. How would your neighbor benefit from what you have or know? How about families or singles? Low income families or wealthy. City or Rural communities. How can your work benefit their life? Put yourself in their shoes, so to speak.

Pick up on Suggestions     How to make money selling ideas

When you are with family or friends keep an eye out for their “Everyday Moments”. Where and how could the tasks they go through everyday benefit? Watch people while grocery shopping, at the park, in the mall. What do you see in their behavior that will bring them to needing to know or have what you have. Sometimes they may not know what they are missing until you recognize the need and tell them.

How to make Money Selling Ideas

Life Situations

Re-create life scenarios. Like a commercial. Get your imagination working outside the box. Ask yourself or others: “If you were in a situation like _____ would you be able to benefit from knowing or having _____?” “Why/How?”

Everyday Problems

Fix a problem that exists for something else on the market. Improve it or add to it. Every year, there are new and improved televisions out there. Someone is coming up with those ideas and putting them into action. Your job is never done. Long-term success grows and continues with Ideas.


Do your research. Are people looking for the ideas you are coming up with? What are there holes in what the competition offers. Are your ideas already in motion. What can you add? Use online tools to help you with your research–check out my post on Niche Marketing.


Coming up with money making ideas is an ongoing practice.How to make money selling ideas

The goal is to find what works for you while benefiting the lives of others. The first idea you have may not work. Don’t Stop. Consider another angle, re-think and really get dirty into knowing the item or information you are working with. If it still isn’t a good fit start again with something else.

Starting again may feel overwhelming but think of everything you just learned. You are not really starting from zero anymore. You have experience and can now recognize fresh ideas everywhere.

– How to make Money Selling Ideas –

You cannot be Everything to Everybody

Find your target audience and stick with them. If you try to target too many people your message can become distant. You want your work to be friendly and honest. You want them to relate.

Keep it Honest

You want to keep them coming back, telling friends and relatives. When you buy things online or seek information think about your experience. What do you look for in trustworthy websites? Do you read reviews? Do you compare to other websites? Notice your online habits and you will discover a lot about your target audience. You want them to feel good about visiting and you want them to talk about the wonderful experience you gave them.

These practices can apply for any online business. Rather you are making crafts at home, writing reviews, freelance writing for someone else, or writing your own blog. When you have the ability to see things from many sides your ideas and work will reflect your flexibility and understanding of your target audience.

“Look for ways to make change right now, on your own
or with readily-present like-minded others.
Do it yourself!
Why not right now? Why not right here?”–Anthony Weston

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