How to use keywords for your website

Learn–How to Use Keywords for your Website

5–Blogging Tricks: how to use keywords for your website

Keywords are essential for getting your website seen in search engine results and getting traffic. Just learning how and where to get them is a lot of work. Is there more to -How to use keywords for your website? Well, then you have to consider your competition and how you can make the keywords you want, work with your content.


Well, the work doesn’t end there. There is an important factor when diving into your keyword research that is easy to forget. You are working for your reader, to engage them and keep them wanting more and returning. I know, Your first thought is–wait a minute, that is why I am doing all this keyword stuff to get my readers attention, right?

Here is the thing. Your keywords are for the Search Engine. Your niche knowledge and content are for your readers. Remember your niche is their niche.

They Want to Read Informative Posts Related to Their Internet Search that Got Them to You.
So what do you need to know about keyword use?

How to use keywords for your website:

3 to 5 times in a post is enough–


Placement is key. You want your keywords to relate to your new post. Use it in your title and first paragraph. Some keywords can make sense and be used alone others you may need to add words and use a dash or other punctuation to make it stand alone. You always want it to make sense grammatically and within your content topic.

Example 1:

Keyword–digital photography tips
Post title: Digital Photography TipsTLJdreamcatcher--Nature Picture

Searches–#3233 monthly
note: searches you want at least 50 because they will add up as you build your sight. Ideal is 1000 and up.
Competition (QSR)–#224
note: QSR 300 and below is ideal

So, Digital Photography Tips is easy to use as a title for your next post. It is also easy to mention again within your first paragraph or first 200 words or so.

Example 2:

Keyword–nature picture
Post title: 6 tips for a great–Nature Picture

Searches–#4555 monthly
Competition (QSR)–#253
note: examples were generated June 2016

Now, Nature Picture has great searches and low competition but is a little awkward. But a little manipulation can make it a great title and able to use as a header in your post.


Another reason to use caution with your keyword use is that although keywords are for the search engine if you over use them you can get banned or removed from search engines, sometimes even permanently. It is called keyword stuffing. Which is when the content of your website is not making sense due to over use of those words or phrases that were going to get you to the top. The content focus should be for your readers.

Post Length:

There are all kinds of suggestions for how long a blog post should be. I think it depends on the niche topic. Somethings you want more than a little information while others you want to get quick answers. How many Keywords you have can and should vary depending on the length.

Blog posts 400-900 words just twice is plenty. Title and first paragraph. Then share your knowledge.

Blog posts over 900 words and you run the risk of going off topic. Using that keyword a couple more times won’t hurt and will give you the added benefit of keeping your post content on topic. Cause we can all get carried away. You don’t want to lose those great ideas though. When your thoughts go another direction of more great information you want to share, write that down on a piece of paper for your next great blog post. You do Not want information overload in one post.


Images are great for your posts they are appealing and should be relevant to your post. Since your photos are related to your post topic you can take advantage by adding a keyword. You do this in the photo by naming the alt text your chosen keyword. The alt text is in your html but is only seen by your viewer if your image doesn’t load into their search engine. So you don’t have to change it to make grammatical sense. You just get to use your chosen raw keyword. Great right, and feels a little sneaky.

Take Away:how to use keywords for your website

Keywords are essential. Important and worth all the time you put into researching and finding just the right one. But they are for the search engine. The search engine is your platform to have your work showcased. It is a machine so it will not miss keywords, it is looking for the most relevant content and that is why we properly place them up front. After that Your Readers, and The Content they find when viewing your post, are What is the Most Important. Your reader is your boss and your friend. They are who you work for and they are interested in what you know. They are how we get paid.

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4 thoughts on “How to use keywords for your website”

  1. Hey Sayra:

    Thank you! My take-away from this post was the tip about using keywords in the alt-text. I thought it had to be the title/caption of the picture, but if I can use the keywords instead… [Lightbulb flares above head.]

    I’m going to go back over my posts and see whether I can come up with good alternative texts.


  2. I am glad I found this post because I definitely learned something new. I thought when doing a key word search on a topic, using your example, nature picture. I thought that I could only use those words in the title. Is this correct, that I can add more words to the key words and still have it be as effective? I have been working way too hard evidently!

    1. Hi,

      yes, you can add more words, you just want to add punctuation that allows the search engine to identify it as a stand alone. Like a dash in the example ‘6 tips for a great–Nature Picture’

      With punctuation you can create a sentence so that those great keywords you find, but don’t make a lot of grammatical sense alone, can both be found by the search engine and make sense and flow in your post.

      Thanks for coming by ?

      Peace and Success

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