Job for Felons-Start building your future

Job for Felons–

Do you have a criminal background?

Having a Felony changes your career options.

Want a legit Future Building job–No Background Check

Having a criminal background not only puts limits on your life but emotionally too. You start to believe you are limited. To step out of that cycle becoming an affiliate marketer can give you some freedom. And then you are in control of your path and expression without a label. Only the label you share is known. Your new beginning.

Job hunting is incredibly overwhelming. The jobs willing to give you a shot are usually considered “starter” jobs and nothing you ever saw yourself doing as a career. This can really start to weigh a person down. Especially when you have to fight so hard for the opportunity to make it to an interview. And then face labels made before you even arrived and then the side glance from co-workers. And the cycle…

job for felons

After application struggles and online apps, which are becoming a norm. There will be moments when even if you get that chance to tell them you are not that person anymore. That was your past and you want it to stay there. It still may not be enough for potential employers to give you a chance.

Then, you finally land a job. Although that job is progress and a step up for keeping your P.O. off you and happy, you might still feel like you are treading water when you think of the dreams you once had. The available -job for felons- almost feel like they are reminding you of your place because of your past. But you can build a future that includes Success, I will tell you my number one recommendation –job for felons.

Don’t give up on You 

Always smile, dress for the position you want and give 100% everyday. You never know the opportunities that could be there or could come in the door. Every moment, everyday, is an an opportunity. Be Ready for it. Check out Russell Simmons book Super Rich.

Education could be another hurdle for you. But you have a lot more education and skills than I am sure you are aware of.

The average drug dealer or criminal has the same business skills as the average Fortune 500 C.E.O., or nearly any business owner.” Bishop T.D. Jakes (paraphrased)

Don’t let the experience of finding a job and the opportunities available to you, as you begin this new chapter in your life, let you forget that you do have experience and know how. You have to figure out how to transform what you have learned from your street education into the skills you are needing and using now. If you break down what you know you will find that you do have the education and talent to become a success, legally.

job for felons

Beyond the many reading materials available (and the outreach job programs) to get you moving in the right direction. You can also begin building your online presence.

Job for Felons

Build Your Future

Affiliate marketing is a legit business to start. You find affiliate programs of items you are interested in and you give advice and advertise them on a website you put together. No inventory or shipping. The Product owner does that. There are many different affiliate programs out there including Amazon.

You can easily find an item(s) you like on Amazon, with their thousands of products, and expand as you develop and master your craft. Essentially, you will be marketing(selling) and blogging to earn money. It does take some time to build, develop and get recognized on the internet. So keep the day job for now and build yourself the foundation for independent success.

Once you get a flow of money coming in then your hard work should be enough to please your P.O. and a judge if necessary, as online jobs are common and growing these days. Don’t stop there keep working at it, make it full time, and you have the potential to catch up to the success that has always been yours and is waiting for you.

In that Success is Freedom

If you worry about writing don’t let that hold you back. Install Grammarly to your internet browser and it will help you with basic sentence structure and spelling anywhere you type on the internet for FREE.

Feel that you need more training or experience to pull it off. #1 RECOMMENDATION–Job for Felons

Training with Wealthy Affiliate University will help you with building the necessary solid foundation and includes:

  • No Background Check
  • No required education
  • 2 free websites
  • WordPress
  • 2 courses with 10 lessons in each course with Free Membership
    • Online Entrepreneur Certification
    • Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • 12 total courses (5 in entrepreneuer & 7 in bootcamp) with 10 lessons in each course with Premium membership
  • premium membership $47 monthly or $359 a year
  • video tutorials
  • weekly live training
  • step by step guidance
  • assistance with any questions
  • a community of 600,000+ individuals from every internet reaching corner of the world learning and helping each other through every step
  • the community can also add training, suggestions and experience so the learning never ends
  • No credit card needed to sign up
  • Plus more

Do the Free courses before deciding to upgrade or stay a Free member. The free membership does not end unless you upgrade. You will not have the ability to go back to free after upgrading. If you stop paying you can either move your domains within 30 days or lose the ability to access them after 30 days. But, you do have the ability to return at premium level anytime within two years and they can reactivate your place within Wealthy Affiliate and return your websites right where you left off.

job for felons

I am assuming if you are reading this that you have internet access. If having internet is an issue for you getting started, coffee shops and fast food places often have free wifi available. The work will be easiest with a computer or laptop but I often use my tablet. A smart phone would be pretty difficult.

Get started for free here I will be there to welcome you.

Questions and comments are welcome. You can also contact me in my Wealthy Affiliate profile here

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