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LeVel Thrive — Guest post by Katie

Company name: Le-Vel
Ranking: 5 out of 5
Price: Having a customer account is FREE and becoming a promoter is FREE!
Owners: Paul Gravette & Jason Camper
Website:  LeVel (link here)


Introduction: What is LeVel? LeVel is the fastest growing health and wellness company around. It is 3 simple steps that you take in the first 20-40 minutes of your day. You start by taking 1-2 nutritional supplement capsules. Followed by the Lifestyle Mix 20-40 minutes later. And, apply the DFT and your done for the day. There are different formula products for men and women. It’s that easy. No Afternoon hangover. No jitters. Just live your life and Thrive with LeVel!

Morning ReCap

  1. 1-2 nutritional supplements on an empty stomach   
  2. Drink the Lifestyle supplement drink 20-40 minutes later
  3. Apply DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patch. All Natural time released skin patch.


Price options: Make a FREE customer account. Take a look at all the AMAZING products and what they can do for you.

The individuals on the LeVel Experience will enjoy benefits in the areas of:

Weight Managementlevel

Cognitive Performance

•Digestive & Immune Support

•Supports Healthy Joint Function

•Lean Muscle Support

•Calms General Discomfort

•Antioxidant Support



Pros: Feel your BEST everyday

Cons: NONE

Who is it for: EVERYONE–Men and Women

My Experience

I have always HATED mornings but with Thrive I am able to happily get up in the mornings with ease and workout! This is huge for me.Working out has never been my strong suit. Since I have added Thrive to my daily routine I actually look forward to it. I get more accomplished now during the day then I ever have before. I always looked forward to nap time and especially bed time. Now I am ready to live and enjoy every moment of my life. I use to want to hang out at home and not do anything. Now I want to leave my house. I just want to get out there and do things, Really Live. I also am so excited about my new life that I want to share my Thrive experience with EVERYONE!

Final opinion: I love my life now that I’m Thriving! Start loving and living your life–make a FREE account here and check LeVel out Today

“THRIVE by LeVel is something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe….
it’s something that can only be experienced.”

After You start THRIVING You may want to Share Your Secret–You can become a Promoter

When you are a Promoter you do make commissions off of what your customers and/or Promoters under you purchase. LeVel has an awesome rewards plan for promoters. If you choose to stay a customer and you are a promoter all you have to do is refer 2 people to buy on auto-ship and you receive your products Free the following month. LeVel is awesome to their customers and promoters! I am both customer and promoter and I am Loving it!

Go make a FREE customer account – join me on my journey — start yours today!!

     Listen to this pre-recorded call from the CEO’s.
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Note: This is a guest post by Katie
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