Qmee-fast cash Review

Name: Qmee Qmee Qmee Ltd.qmee
Website: qmee.com
Price: FREE
Owners:  Gandi Sas
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


The Search Engine extension that earns you Cash

Qmee was created in 2005 and is based in Reading, United Kingdom. It is simple to use, it is an extension that works with your search engine and works as you search the internet. Easy right? Suggestions automatically show up in a sidebar offering money–usually between .04¢ and .12¢ — to check out similar offers related to your search. You click on the suggestion and your piggy bank fills up.

I recommend that you remain on that site, even if you are not interested, for at least 45 seconds or so. If it seems that you are not at least looking at the suggestions and only clicking for the money you will receive less suggestions and they may even stop for a day.



The Good:

  • Automatically starts giving you offers when you shop online
  • Earn some extra cash
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to use

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The Bad:

  • Earn very little

Who is Qmee for?

Qmee is for anyone and everyone in the US or the UK age 13 and over wanting a little extra cash. Or you can use your earned money to donate to charity.

Qmee has more options for making money than while you shop-

Personalized Surveys are available after you answer a few basic questions like your age and education, etc.


Plus, you can now also earn money by inviting others to use Qmee too!

After you have been with Qmee for awhile you will receive an invite link that you can share with friends through social media or email. You can also add to text like THIS and when anyone signs up using one of  your links– then you make easy $, when they make their first cash out, you receive a $1 dollar reward straight to your piggy-bank.



Free. They pay with Paypal, on a gift card or donate your money to charity.


Final thoughts

While it is unlikely to provide you with a living it is effective and trusted. Qmee is fun and easy. I give them 90 out of 100 since you make very little and it can be a little distracting, taking you away from your task. There is little else to complain about. Do you need any extra cash? Is there anything showing up in your cue? Start today.

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