Slice the Pie -Review

Name: Slice the Pie
Price: FREE
Owners: David Courtier-Dutton
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Founded in 2007, Slice the Pie allows listeners to help new artists become heard by leaving music reviews.


slice the pie



The Good:

  • Can be done whenever you have free time
  • Earn some extra cash
  • Easy to get started


The Bad:

  • Cannot choose the music
  • Earn very small change for each review often between .04– .26 cents
  • No training



Who is Slice the Pie For?

Music lovers who want or need some extra cash. You will need to earn or have a balance of a minimum of $10 to get paid. They pay you through PayPal so you will need a PayPal account. But they require little else. Even teens can earn with Slice the Pie with parent/guardian help. PayPal requirements for an account is 13–again with parent approval.


slice the pie


Training & Support

None. Other than advice when they want you to add variety, grammar check, add or shorten content.




Free. Only need a PayPal account they don’t ask for much on personal information.


slice the pie


Final thoughts

I give Slice the Pie 80 out of 100 because it is not a scam but requires quick and thoughtful work. You won’t want to quit your day job. I do not use Slice the Pie. I do have some friends that do and enjoy it. If you need some quick fast cash it can be great if you enjoy all music and can provide constructive reviews.


The advice I have been given to have the best experience is to make your reviews about 100 words, use music related keywords and keep it honest yet considerate of feelings.


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for Free or if you want to know more first–read this review.


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