Wealthy Affiliate Review

What is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training and continuous learning community–

We are a Team assisting each other in Finding Online Success!

 WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW And, there is much more to know then–What is Wealthy Affiliate for–
We will start with– Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone willing to Learn:

  • a beginner on the internet
  • a college student
  • teens (with parent approval)
  • a stay-at-home parent
  • have a criminal background
  • are retired
  • a free spirit
  • desire to be your own boss
  • disabled
  • on social security
  • Health issues that keep you from work
  • part-time/full-time/seasonal worker
  • Even You

  What is Wealthy Affiliate for? –Wealthy Affiliate Education and Training is your next step toward SUCCESS!

It is FREE to sign up and makes starting, running and maintaining an online business easy and fun! Start by checking out my personal ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review’  below and if you are feeling ready to begin working, take a look at my Getting Started page –Don’t miss out on becoming the next member of

The Self-Employment Team with Wealthy Affiliate!


Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 97 % of  100%
Price: Free Starter membership, $47 monthly for premium
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com



Wealthy Affiliate is changing the game for higher education. It is an ongoing online education program/service not a one time product that ends after a single learning session. If you are interested in earning an income online from the comfort of your own home, Wealthy Affiliate offers an opportunity like no other. The owners, Kyle and Carson, are active with the members no matter what level they are and are improving the program all of the time. The information learned is updated and relevant.

All members are not only learning but are ready and willing to help you. Besides the solid Wealthy Affiliate training, members can also add additional training, tutorials and guidance within the community. This makes for such a powerful education and support team that, if you apply yourself, you will succeed. There are no deadlines, no pyramid scheme and no upsales. Just an amazing opportunity that, I hope after you review all of the information, you join us and begin toward your own success. You too can work from home.

My Experience Background


I am a mom. I have four children (ages 18, 16, 13 and 1) plus two adopted nieces (20 and 15) and two nephews (17 and 14). My husband is an electrician. I have worked as a certified nursing assistant, in customer service, as a cashier, and an library assistant/bookmobile driver. I have earned a BA in English Literature.

And, I have had two online businesses prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate. I built them on the foundations and skills I learned at San Jose State University Masters in Library and Information Science program. Just to clarify, I am not knocking that program, I learned valuable information that I continue to apply today. I did not finish the degree (I have two semesters, or one year left) as life got in the way for me to be able to put my full self into an education that has deadlines and requires expensive loans.

Never Give up on You

Anyway, I had a dropshipping business that even with wholesale prices only allowed me pocket change for each item sold unless I charged a larger amount (greater than competition) and that was not what I was wanting to do to my customers. I also had a beautiful website to help my dad sell his photography online. That one just ended up having more put into it than we made and my dad ended up with having less time to put in, for it to continue working for us for the time being.

However, I still wanted to find a way to make money online. That is when, after lots of research into online opportunities, I found Wealthy Affiliate. The training filled in the gaps and made clear what I was missing that would have made all the difference in my past endeavors.

I currently am a stay-at-home mom and I am self-employed, I do all my work from home through affiliate marketing. I am a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member.





  • Free starter membership
  • Two Free siterubix WordPress hosted websites
  • 3 click quick build websites
  • Thorough starter training (follow this link for an example)
  • 50 websites, domains and domain emails with premium
  • Top notch website Hosting
  • Affiliate training to work for your niche passion or for Wealthy Affiliate
  • Training broke down into sections with open discussions in each section
  • Powerful keyword tool
  • Community of 600,000+ members
  • Active Community wanting and ready to help — feel part of a Team
  • Education that grows with you
  • Classrooms, Video training, Live chat, New Weekly live training,  and so much more


  • Free membership has a limit to the training
  • can feel like information overload



College students, online beginners, teens (with parent approval), stay-at-home parent, criminal background, retired, a free spirit, desire to be your own boss, disabled, social security, part-time/full-time/seasonal workers.

Anyone wanting to earn money online. Some extra cash for fun with ability to make it full-time and become completely self-employed. 

beginner–thru–experienced training



I found it to be beneficial to come into the training with an open mind. There were a few that I did feel like “Oh yea, I know how to do that.” And after initially skimming through those areas I ended up going back and re-going over the lesson because there were valuable little things that do add up and make a huge difference. I realized the foundation is where you start and I wanted mine to be solid as well as knowing why and how it is solid.

  • website building
  • hosting
  • support
  • break down of lessons and open related discussions
  • visual tutorials 
  • weekly live training courses with replay available
  • classrooms
  • live chat
  • member blogs and training
  • keyword/competition tool



The support is incomparable. I think the support is what truly drew me in to keep pushing my way through the training and knowing that I have 24/7 support for any questions or clarification from people just like me, that have been where I am and the education just keeps growing. Information is constantly being added and improving. It truly is incomparable and grows with you, adding to your success.


FREE Starter Membership

$49 monthly Premium Membership

$359 annual Premium Membership ($229 savings)



What is Wealthy Affiliate for? Wealthy Affiliate is access to continuous learning and is the Real Deal! Wealthy Affiliate is an education that Does require you to work for Your Own Success. It is not a get reach scheme. The assistance, resources and platform are all there. I believe in Wealthy Affiliate so much that I am a premium member and a WA Affiliate.

This is what education should be like. Hands on with continuous support and a community that learns, growJs, teaches and succeeds right along with you.

I stand by Wealthy Affiliate and feel that anyone willing should give the free membership a try because there is nothing else like this in the world. Together we are changing the way of higher education and creating our own success.


Join Wealthy Affiliate through me and myself along with one of the owners, Kyle or Carson, will contact you directly and will be there to help, support and guide you. That is not all. You will also have access to 59% off your first month of premium if you go premium within the first 7 days. That is $19 for the first month. I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

Questions and comments are Welcome–or you can contact me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile here.


12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. Hi Sayra

    Thanks for the great review and all the information that you have provided. It can be truly discouraging at times to be able to find a program where you can learn affiliate marketing, without being ripped off!

    I do have one question though and that is, are there any upsells? This I find off putting once I’ve paid for a product or program.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tommy,
      You’re Welcome. I agree with you there are too many scams out there. No scam at Wealthy Affiliate though there are no up-sales, no pyramid scheme, no deadlines & no pop-ups.
      It is very much an education platform and here to see you succeed! If you have any more questions I will be happy to help.

      Best of Success

  2. This is an excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate. You have researched the topic well. This is a great website. I am well informed about WA. It appears to be a place for everyone.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. Luna,
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a place for everyone and a great supportive community.
      Thank you for the great comment 🙂

      Best of Success

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