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— Blogging Tricks: To- Write a blog to make money

When you Start Affiliate Marketing
the main goal is to–

               Make Money Online. So, let’s — Write a blog to make Money!

In my last writing tips post we talked about writing with confidence.

Today we are going to talk about how to effectively write like you talk.
You want to combine how you talk in your writing and still write with the Intention to Sell.

You do not need to have an English degree or be an expert sales rep.
to pull these tips off

  • Be conversational—like you are face to face with your reader
  • Stay away from To Be verbs—see building writing confidence
  • Use short to medium length sentences
  • Be You—original work will stand out
  • Know your reader—research

Write a blog to make money:

Be Friendly  write a blog to make money

Be conversational in your writing. Like you are face to face with your reader then your reader will want to hang out. They will feel relaxed and maybe even do more than skim your writing. Online readers looking for advice and answers often skim and move on looking for the information that they want and can relate to. They want to learn from someone they trust, a friend. But they are on a self-interest mission for information at the same time.

To find the balance you will want to

  • have strong and relevant title and intro.
  • Keep it honest.
  • Do not information overload.
  • Encourage them to take action.

To Be Verbs

Staying away from To Be verbs gives your work more authority. It also helps you stay away from using unnecessary words. Words that are unnecessary feel like you are rambling and avoiding the point. Remember the point or purpose of your writing is to make money. If you are rambling it will come off like you don’t really know what you are talking about. For more see building writing confidence.

Length and Visual Appeal         write a blog to make money

The use of short to medium length sentences will also keep you from using words that are not needed. Likewise, you will want to use short paragraphs. Long paragraphs can be hard on the eyes and keep your reader from fully paying attention. It also prevents skimming for the specific answer they want. Skimming ability is important for online readers. Use eye candy to give the reader a break too. Add,

  • Pictures
  • Lists
  • Bold/italic print
  • Color
  • Vary the print size with header statements

– Write a blog to Make Money –

Be You

Be you. Do not try to copy what others have already said. You can and do want to know what others are saying. You can get ideas based on others work. But after that you want to offer more in your own words and writing style. You want it to sound like you and give more information that others may have left out.

Find Something that No One Else is Mentioning

Choose something about your niche to draw attention to. Even, or especially, if that something seems obvious to others. If they are not talking about it you will have an advantage. Your readers may stop to read just to see if you have that information right and will stay around and return if they relate. Or, it just may be the missing information for someone that didn’t know. Either way it will make all your research and work stand out.

Know Your Reader

write a blog to make moneywrite a blog to make money



Know your target audience. You don’t want to try to sell a Porsche to a middle class mom of three. You also don’t want to try and sell a used minivan to a single business corporate that lives alone. Who are you trying to target? Research the audience you want to reach. The tone of your writing will become different when you know. You always want to keep your writing clear and to the point by using simple words everyone can read quickly. But,

  • Should you use technical terms?
  • What areas need the most explaining?
  • What kind of pictures are going to relate to their life?
  • Do they want to save money?
  • Do they want to spend money for show?
  • Are they splurging to get something for themselves?
  • Are they buying for someone else?
  • How will it make life easier?

These are all things that will become clear as you get to know your target audience. When you start researching you will come up with many more. For more tips on getting to know your target audience check out my post how to know your target audience.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will keep Your Purpose of Making Money while still helping You to be and sound like You. When you learn new techniques those lessons become a part of who you are. And, when we know better we do better–that is how practicing these tips will benefit your writing.

When you write how you talk Your Writing is Original. No one else can do you quite like you can. Take advantage of that.


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